home-surveyRICS Home Surveys

You are unlikely ever to buy or sell anything more important or valuable than your home. And, whether you are planning on living in the property, or are buying as an investment for renting or selling on, or just staying put, you will benefit from expert advice on its condition.

RICS Home Surveys, from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, were launched in 2010, and are now recognised industry-wide as the definitive property reports, with a reputation for being reliable and cost-effective. The right survey will highlight underlying major issues, and mean you are aware of any specific risks ahead of committing to a property purchase. The information contained can be vital for negotiating on price, and help prevent any nasty surprises after the house purchase. Or, if you are selling, it can highlight any issues that could hinder a smooth sale. Even if you are not moving, a survey can help prevent rising maintenance bills in the future.

There are three main types of survey, all of which can only be carried out by a Chartered Surveyor.


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